About us

Jade sprite design inc was started in early 2016 in New York, the US to create unique, nature-inspired, and truly affordable jewelry. We love that jewelry can be used to express our individual stories and the things, places, and people we love every day.

We have a small but mighty team of 5, We are a community-led and customer-driven business and we always strive to do better for our customers, community, and our planet. Thank you for being part of our journey

Hi, My name is  Nicholas Wong, I graduated from GIA and am engaged in 3D printing jewelry. I bought the first printer in 2016 and started the business of jewelry printing and private customization. I have been doing 3D jewelry design for many years, silently designing jewelry for everyone. Making all jewelry beauties to the real world!
I also hope that everyone likes my jewelry store. Thank you for taking care of my store.